Pre-Engineered Suppression

Agent Fire is a full-service, locally owned company that is dedicated to serving its clients with premium fire protection service. We know that consequences a fire can have on your business, as well as on the welfare of your employees. That’s why we are committed to helping you to protect both. With the most up-to-date technology, skilled technicians, and excellent service, you can count on us to provide you with the fire protection equipment that best suits your needs.

A pre-engineered fire suppression system is one of the ways to put out a fire while it’s still in its early stages. A typical pre-engineered suppression, may use a wet or dry chemical agent to extinguish a fire. The work best in paint spray booths, gas stations, and in computer rooms where you irreplaceable equipment that you do not irrevocably damaged by water.

Routine Fire Suppression System Test

When it comes to fire protection, education is paramount. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and making sure their fire protection is up-to-code. That’s why we perform routine tests and inspections on your chemical suppression systems. We work with property managers and maintenance teams to keep your property up to N.F.P.A. (National Fire Protection Association) and local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) standards at all times.

Each of our technicians has the proper training to ensure your suppressions are working exactly as it should be. We understand how vital the system is to the safety of your equipment and personnel, which is why we are meticulous with our work. No detail is too small to be overlooked. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your system is in the hands of skilled and experienced professionals.

Installing Dry or Wet Chemical Suppression Systems?

The type of system you install depends on what type of equipment you have in your building. If you have a server or computer room that contains sensitive material, such as the personal information of your company’s clients, you may want dry chemical suppression systems installed. Wet suppression systems emit a liquid spray that reacts quickly to produce a foam-like blanket. Restaurants and other places that have cooking equipment benefit from this type of chemical agent, but it can be applied to many different industries.

No matter what type of agent you need, you can depend on us to make sure you get the right one installed. When chemical agents are used in conjunction with fire alarms and other types of fire protection services, you can feel comfortable knowing your building is protected.

Contact us to learn about pre-engineered systems. We proudly serve clients in St. Johns, Florida, as well as those in North Florida, South East Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.