Fire Alarms

Protect your equipment, data, and most importantly, the lives of your employees with fire alarms. Put simply, fire alarms help save lives. They’re a necessary item in any building. Whether it’s a bank, telecommunications center, archives facility, or medical facility, fire alarms help notify staff and personnel of a possible fire so that they can evacuate the area as quickly and safely as possible.

Agent Fire is a locally owned company that specializes in fire protection. We have the skills, knowledge, and training to see that any fire alarm inspection, installation, or testing is performed correctly. As a company, we are committed to helping you protect your business and the people that work for you. Count on our contractors for the utmost professionalism.

We Keep Track of Fire Alarm Testing and Inspections

By code, it is the responsibility of the property owner, manager, or designated representative to keep up with the inspections and reports for all fire protection requirements of the property. However, we go above and beyond for our clients. We understand that you’re busy and keeping up with inspections, testing, and maintenance can be difficult. In effort to help you, just let us know and we’ll handle all of the testing for you.

Proficient Fire Alarm Installation

Fire alarms are integral to the safety and wellbeing of everyone on your premises. You want contractors that have the necessary experience to install your fire alarms. Without the proper experience and training, you run the risk of potential property loss. We have a combined 100 years of experience between all of our employee personnel.

Each of our technicians and specialists has the necessary credentials to ensure the work is done right the first time. You have expectations and you can be sure when you hire us that they will be met. Each fire alarm installed is done so with the accuracy and precision.

Wireless Fire Alarm Services Respond to Emergency Team

Emergencies and fire alarms can cause a lot of confusion, especially if a fire alarm goes off in a building that has hundreds or thousands of occupants. Emergency response teams depend on efficiency to make their jobs easier and to get to the emergency as quickly as possible. Wireless fire alarms allow them to do just that. Each wireless alarm is address and when one is alarmed, it provides an exact location that is communicated to the emergency response team.

When you need expedient, professional, and courteous fire protection services, count on our team.

Contact our company to learn more about fire alarms. We proudly serve clients in North Florida, South East Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.