Fire Protection Professionals

Agent Fire USA is a proven leader providing fire protection services to keep your people and  data safe.


Agent Fire USA specializes in

clean agent fire systems for the main distribution frame rooms (MDF),

independent distribution frame rooms (IDF), mobile telephone switching

operations (MTSO), bank vaults, records rooms and other high value asset

rooms in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.







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Mission Critical Facilities have many servers, hubs, switches, routers, PBX, UPS and other heat generating equipment. This can easily cause fires to start. Agent Fire has knowledge of engineered fire suppression systems that detect heat, flames, smoke and incipient smoldering fires. Using these systems, one can prevent massive loss and protect your people, data and equipment.


Let us help you manage your budget for these facilities. Ask about our blanket service plan and take the worry out of budget overages.



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